Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ginola targeted action on the European Senior Tour in seven years.

David Ginola has seven years to achieve the following goals in life, become a member of the European Senior Tour. Former French international star was to see the Celtic Manor Ryder Cup earlier this month launched simultaneously Golf National Paris bid to host 2018 edition of the tournament.

"It was definitely fantastic,''he said." Hole to the 18th at the Golf National, I do not know whether you've seen it, but it is very beautiful. We also have attractive scenery there and at the ninth hole, 16, 18, 70,000 people saw the final round of the Ryder Cup. It is certainly interesting. As a French citizen I would like it.''

But bringing golf's premier team event to France for the first time is not the only dream golf Ginola.
Former Newcastle United star, Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa 43-year-old start-benign berjinak with golf in the backyard of a friend in 1992 and now has a handicap of four. He wanted to reach zero handicap and play in the Senior Tour in Europe.
''I have seven years to get my card,''he said. "I wish one day I can say every day" let's go to work''and then go out and play golf. "To change from four to zero you have to work in different ways for every little aspect of the game and it takes time but if you want to do that you need to go to the 'bunker' a few hours and practice with a million golf balls.

''I started hitting the ball into the net and I thought''is interesting, I like it.''So I started playing, without any lessons, just practice after watching the video Nick Faldo in the evening and later in the morning I'll try to remember what I see it and use it.
''When you play sports such as football becomes your job to focus on your game and I did not have time to practice properly. My golf game has improved now. I played with (Sam) Torrance, (Sandy) Lyle and (Ian) Woosnam next weekend at the Cannes and impatient.''

Experience the drama saw the Ryder Cup in Wales to add interest to see the dream become a reality, but he struggled to understand the pressures faced by players such as Rory McIlroy and Graham McDowell, over his own career. ''I can not imagine 21 years old, have a perfect swing and playing in the Ryder Cup, representing Europe, standing at the first tee box and hear people chanting and singing your name. It was definitely amazing.

''I can take a penalty kick in front of 80.000 spectators and there is no pressure. My years of training to take the kick, and I played football since the age of five. That's what I do.
''When you face the blows from a distance of 30-inch putt, that's real pressure. If you want to take a penalty kick in the stadium is full, the noise did not cease.
Graham McDowell''appeared to punch a hole putt on the 16th and 50.000 spectators silent. When tournament officials quietly raised sticker tags, they are silent. "So then, he knows the focus entirely on him and he was alone. This is real pressure.''

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